We have chosen franchising as our preferred expansion model as we believe that franchisees will have a vested interest in maintaining the high standards and reputation of Kokoro and will directly benefit from their hard work as their franchise business grows.

Independent research shows that franchising is a strong business model for franchisees with the British Franchise Association reporting that 97% of all UK franchisees being profitable over the last 12 months.

From a franchisors perspective, the British Franchise Association state that franchising provides a network of owner-operators which provides a more robust business compared to simply employing managers. Therefore franchising Kokoro will bring benefits to both us and our Kokoro franchisees. A true win – win scenario.

This Franchise Prospectus tells you more about the Kokoro franchise opportunity.
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Having the right franchisees is essential for our business. We therefore will only offer franchises to those people that we believe are suitable for running a successful Kokoro Franchise and can work with both the management of Kokoro and the other franchisees within our network.

The Kokoro Franchise does not specify requirements as to age or gender. What does count is that the franchisee is self-motivated, has good interpersonal skills, and gets on really well with people, as franchisees will be responsible for running their Kokoro business.

The list on the next page is not exhaustive or intended to be disadvantageous to any applicant; however it summarises the skills, competencies and requirements specific to running a Kokoro Franchise.

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